On the Set: Filming a Richard Simmons Workout DVD

Yesterday I took the day off work, drove to Smashbox Studios in Hollywood, and filmed a workout DVD with Richard Simmons.



A few months ago, he announced that he was going to be making a whole series of DVDs with Gaiam, and that he wanted all of us who attend his classes to audition. Richard Simmons can be pretty intense, so I tend to do what he says.



The audition was just like 5 minutes of class, except with a camera in your face, and a few weeks later we got emails letting us know we’d been selected to participate. We were asked to send in photos of three different outfits for wardrobe, and there were a couple rehearsals at Slimmons, where we were yelled at if we hadn’t done enough practicing with the mp4 that was emailed to us (*cough*my husband*cough*).


The shoot itself was a lot of fun. Definitely the healthiest and fanciest craft service table I’ve ever seen: organic agave nectar for our coffee, and seasonal produce (roasted butternut squash and beets) at lunch. I LOVED having my makeup professionally done – before we started sweating our faces off, I felt like a movie star.



Objects in Instagram photo are less fancy than they appear.

Our segment is the very first cardio workout, and my mark is in the second row, right behind Richard – so if you ever see this video, I’ll be hard to miss. I felt very self-conscious – I’m sure they caught every misstep and weird facial expression in high-definition. But I tried to remember to smile and be energetic, and show how much fun I actually was having.



Afterwards Richard sat down and talked to us about how many people we would be helping and inspiring, and that felt really great.  Then he wanted to dance and workout with us to a new song he’d written, just for fun. And even though I’d been exercising all day and was covered in makeup and sweat, I found myself laughing and dancing with him again anyway. It was an amazing day!


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