Learn From My Fail: Vacation Pitfalls

My food crimes, let me confess them to you.

Immediately following our weekend in Arizona for my dad’s Ironman triathlon (he rocked it, by the way, finishing in under 15 hours!), my husband and I spent a week on the east coast visiting friends and family for Thanksgiving. It was one of those I-need-a-vacation-to-recover-from-my-vacation kind of trips, a crazy whirlwind of travel and holiday celebrations including tons of food and booze. Between November 16 and December 3, I gained back 10 of the pounds I’d fought so hard to lose.



I felt pretty much like this guy.

Traveling is rough when you’re trying to lose weight, for a million reasons: you’re out of your routine, you’re away from your toolbox (gym, kitchen, computer you usually blog on), you’re celebrating/indulging, you’re at the mercy of unfamiliar restaurants, etc. etc. etc. Losing weight is hard work under normal circumstances, traveling just ups the difficulty level.

So let me give you a short list of what I’ll be doing next time:


Deadly weapons!

1) Planning it out. I brought hand weights with me for strength training (and had a couple of fun-filled moments with TSA because they apparently can be considered bludgeoning tools), but I never scheduled time to use them.  Next time, I’m going to make a more detailed itinerary and pencil in all my workouts around the social stuff we have planned.

2) Preparing for what’s different. I couldn’t access the document on my Google drive where I record my gamification points and achievements, so I didn’t keep very good track of how I was doing. Guesstimating is no substitute for tracking. Think ahead, and pack the tools you’ll need to stay on top of your game.

3) Catching up and getting right back on track immediately. I kind of “wrote off” the Imagerest of the week upon my return, which was stupid (I gained 6.2 pounds on the trip, and almost 4 more after that). All-or-nothing thinking is illogical and gets in your way; don’t do it! Be ready to hit the ground running (and swimming, and biking, and dancing!) when your get back from your travels.

I did have a few healthy successes on this trip, though – my husband and I ran a 5 mile race on Thanksgiving day (okay, there are some ridiculously fit people in Rhode Island; our 12:19/mile jogging pace put us at the back of the 1300-person pack – WOW!), and we went for a very pretty run in Central Park when we were in New York.


Too bright to see the city skyline behind us, across the reservoir,                 but it was gorgeous!

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