Personal Training

I’ve had a personal trainer since July, and I still don’t really know how I feel about it. I mean, I know I like my trainer personally (he’s rad), and I love how I feel after one of our sessions.


My trainer, Jason Miyashiro, as Wolverine on Halloween! (I was Joan from Mad Men.)

But I HATE spending the money, and I feel kind of like a fraud; I am not a Fancy Person. In my mind, fitness trainers are for people who have executive assistants, personal chefs, and dedicated massage therapists. I am certainly not in that world.


I wish!

And yet, I have a session today, and I’m looking forward to it. What I do is see my trainer once a month, and he gives me a good workout, assesses my current fitness level and gives me a strength training exercise plan that I’m supposed to follow three times a week until the next time I see him. I’d like to see him more often (once a week would be amazing) but again – not really in the budget.

I’m considering whether to continue working with him in 2013. So I thought I’d break it down:


The Good:

  • It’s fun.
  • I like having an expert I can come to anytime with questions about fitness stuff.
  • The positive support and encouragement is helpful.
  • It’s nice to surrender some decision-making about my exercise regime to a professional who knows what he’s doing.
  • It motivates me.
  • I feel confident that I’m doing things “right” – the correct exercises, the appropriate amount of reps, the right frequency and duration – to achieve my goals.

The Bad:

  • The money! Even at what I feel is a pretty reasonable rate ($75 per one hour session), I feel it in my monthly budget. Couldn’t I just research this stuff online and create my own routines?
  • Difficulty of scheduling. My trainer is good, and popular, and overbooked. Especially because I’m not a very frequent client, it can be hard to get a convenient appointment…
  • … and when it becomes inconvenient, I’m less likely to go, my progress stagnates and my motivation flags.

I’m leaning towards continuing on, but I’m not 100%. Would very much like to hear the thoughts of others – how do you establish and update your exercise plan? Is personal training worthwhile?


13 thoughts on “Personal Training

  1. Hey I have a trainer AND a coach; where is my executive assistant and personal chef? Seriously, I think that having a professional who can provide guidance/feedback once a month is beyond important. Ultimately, the value here can be measured by looking at your results. Just my two cents; you’ll need another $74.98 to pay for next month 😉

    • Ha! You make a good point. I haven’t seen Jason since September, and I have been really struggling since then… though there are other factors, too, of course.

  2. If it makes your more accountable for sticking with and finishing a workout plan than I’d say absolutely… If you still find yourself skipping workouts or straying off course there might be other things you need to address first or a personal trainer might not be the right motivation for you.

  3. I vote that you keep seeing him again. At least until he introduces you to Professor X and the rest of the team.

    Seriously though, think about how you feel when you’ve taken a challenging workout that he’s given you and mastered it. It’s one thing to finish something you find online like Couch to 5K, but it’s even better when it’s a program that’s customized just for you!

  4. Accountability is a huge thing when paying for professionals like this. Many people can’t do without that motivating force. The level of education/decision making that can be shifted to the pros is ALSO a huge issue – those two things create huge mental barriers for most of us about making/sticking to regimens. “But what if I chose poorly and it wouldn’t do any good anyway…?” etc.

    If the accountability, knowledge base, and relief from decision making are serious barriers to you meeting your fitness/health goals, I think $75/mo could be easily worth it.

    • Thanks so much for the input. The session I had last week was really good, and I feel good about getting back on the wagon. (Been struggling lately.)

  5. I think you answered your question by saying that when you don’t go your progress stagnates and your motivation flags. Your list looks heavily skewed toward Pros, in my opinion. And I know *I* certainly benefit a great deal from structure, support, and guidance that I know I can trust. Sounds like money well spent!

    • Thank you! It’s just hard because money is such an issue. Even though it’s only one item, it’s a really big one, and it’s hard not to feel guilty spending the dough. But I know it’s good for me.

  6. These are all really apt responses. I empathize with having a tight budget; spending the money to say, have my eyebrows done seems Fancy to me too, but it makes me feel good. And I’m Italian so it practically falls under necessity 😉 Fitness is WAY more important in my book, especially (as Whitney pointed out) if you’re going down the road of Iron Man-type adventures. Maybe you can cut back in some other areas so the pinch/guilt isn’t as much a burden? I’m glad you’re not giving it up. I think it’s entirely worth it.

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