I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like…

March 2 is only eight weeks away?  Who authorized that?




I am registered for a century bike ride (100 miles) on March 2 and up til now, the longest ride I’ve ever done was from LA’s Union Station to Disneyland (about 37 miles). I need to start training! I think I’ll try to follow the general formula that worked for me when I trained for the LA Marathon: 2 or more ‘maintenance’ rides (30-60 minutes) each week, and then long rides of increasing distance on the weekends, with a bit of a taper and rest the weekend before.


Sounds legit, right?


I went for a long ride with my husband this weekend. It ended up totaling 31 miles, and it was just the right re-introduction: I was tired – but not wrecked, a little sore – but not incapacitated. We rode from our home to the LA River Path, which I love:




And saw tons of iconic LA sites along the way, which of course I didn’t think to take pictures of. But when you can ride for three hours and see the Hollywood sign, the USC campus, Dodger Stadium, Union Station, the 1st and 6th Street bridges, Chinatown, and City Hall… that’s a pretty terrific day.



I’m not sure which bridge this is, but it’s pretty, and I know I’ve seen it in movies… anyone able to ID it?


We were fairly ravenous after the first 25 miles, so we indulged in Wurstküche (guilt-free, as MyFitnessPal informed me that we’d already burned 1273 calories). So. Effing. Good.


Fancy sausages, Belgian beer and fries. Not pictured: curry ketchup and pesto mayo NOM NOM NOM.


My partner in crime for the century ride was out of town, but she has returned his week, so Sunday we’re going to try another long ride. Here’s to building on what I started with this one!


2 thoughts on “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like…

  1. Glad to gear the weather is good to still good there. I too have a century in may, but I will to try to train for it indoors till it warns up here. According to my spin instructor it’s doable as long as I spend two to three hours on the spin bike per session. Here’s to getting ready and being capable.

    • That’s awesome! Good luck! Yep, it was cold, but clear.

      My family and I went to Big Bear Lake this weekend and I tried a run there — between the freezing temperatures and the altitude, it kicked my ass! More walking than jogging. But at least I did it! 😀

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