New Experience: Using an Indoor Bike Trainer

Sunday evening, I was supposed to go for a long training ride with my friend Bec (with whom I’m doing the Death Valley Century Ride). It was cold and drizzly, neither of us were really feeling it, so we postponed. But I still had to get my workout in, so I finally tried out something I’d borrowed from my friend Missy: a bicycle trainer. As you can see, I was a little skeptical:



But dude, that thing is awesome!


It basically turns your regular bike into a stationary bike. I was concerned that I wouldn’t get in a very good workout (as evidenced by the fact that I’m wearing my pjs and I didn’t even bother to pull back my hair), but it was just as vigorous as riding on the street; maybe even a little better because (although there were no uphills) there were no downhills or periods of coasting.  I didn’t need to worry that my front tube was flat from a slow leak, because it just sits in that little plastic rest. Nice!


I did 40 minutes while watching Biggest Loser for motivation.  I had to ask my husband to bring me a hair tie, because I got sweaty. It was definitely a decent workout and I’m so happy to have a new option for getting in my training rides!

8 thoughts on “New Experience: Using an Indoor Bike Trainer

  1. Love it, PJs and the bike is priceless. I have moved indoors as well recently, but I did not get a trainer for my bike. Instead I have migrated into my gyms spin room. I find a heart rate monitor for these types of rides is priceless.

      • I did not know your dad was so hard core til I saw the tatoo shot the other day. Guess having limited time to catch up on old posts hurts a bit in the knowing department. I will be posting some stuff in the next couple of days about indoor training. In a post yesterday I was talking about how I needed to find a way to effectively use the indoor trainer time and I have been doing some research on the subject. Hope it will help.

  2. Ha! I love the expression on your face. I’m wondering about your experience using a trainer vs. a stationary bike – are there pros beyond practicing with the bike you’ll actually be using in the ride?

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