Slow Going

I didn’t reach the ambitious goal I’d set for myself in December, of getting back down to my lowest weight and starting the new year from that point. What actually happened was this: I followed my plan for two days, saw 5 of the 13 pounds come off right away, told myself it was going to be easier than I thought… and slacked off the rest of the month.




But, I did make the most of the fresh start that is The New Year, and I’ve been pretty good since then. I’ve gone over my calorie goal a couple days, but I’ve exercised every day and overall my eating has been much, much healthier than it was in the last few months of 2012. For the first week of the new year, I got a C on my game plan (where I’d been getting pretty much straight Fs for quite a while), and I’m on track to get an A this week. Yay, back on the wagon!



Not this wagon.


So why am I not getting ticker-tape parade results on the scale every morning?


I know that this stuff is not an exact science, and that there are numerous factors and variables that determine what shows up when we weigh ourselves. That there are many ways to measure progress, and weight is only one of them (and a fickle one at that). That slow and steady wins the race, and I’ll get where I’m going eventually.



But, dammit, after being hungry and tired and busy for nine days, is it too much to ask that I look like a supermodel now?


Totally realistic, right?

Nope. I have to be patient and remind myself that two pounds a week is reasonable and sustainable. Time to eat my Lean Cuisine lunch, look forward to the gym later, and try to be patient and keep going.


6 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. I’m proud of you. It’s good to see you on myfitnesspal logging all the exercise and under calorie days! They’re inspirational. I’m frustrated by my new year enthusiasm being thwarted by illness. But I’ve been making better choices about food than I had been for the past couple of months. I feel back on track diet wise. I’m just anxious to get back on track exercise wise.

  2. You always have the best illustrations. The Oregon Trail pic made me giggle a lot. On a more practical note, have you ever tried looking at how your measurements are changing over time? I know it can be a pain in the ass to measure yourself, but sometimes you lose inches when you aren’t losing pounds. Just a thought.

    • Oh yeah, definitely – I take weekly pictures, and I do monthly measurements. I’m just so damn impatient! If I work out and eat well for three days, I want to see SOMETHING (and usually inches take longer than pounds).

      Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

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