Training Frustration

All month, I’ve been fighting with my personal trainer.



Not like this, unfortunately.


The thing is, as I mentioned in a previous entry, he’s GREAT. I really enjoy working with him, he knows what he’s doing, his workouts are challenging and effective, and he’s just a fun person in general. I’m a fan.



Very nice, I like!


But so does everyone else, and with New Year’s Resolutions rearing their ugly heads, he’s added four new clients to his already full roster. Last month, when we trained together at lunchtime on the second Thursday of the month, he suggested making that time slot our regular standing appointment. I didn’t realize it then (because December is the year-end, and therefore an anomaly) but that conflicts with my ONLY standing work meeting. So I told him that I couldn’t do January 10, and have been trying persistently since then to get another appointment, with zero luck, just repeated “I’ll find a time for you, I promise!”s.




One of my goals for 2013 is to have a training session every month, and January is slipping away at an alarming pace. So I just sent a firm I-like-working-with-you-but-give-me-an-appointment-or-we’re-done email. It bums me out… but I have goals to meet, and no more time for BS.


Edited to add: my firmness paid off! Old Trainer apologized that he’s so overbooked and referred me to New Trainer, whom I’ve seen around the gym and like pretty well. We will train on Tuesday!

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