The Color Run

This past Saturday, some friends and I did the Los Angeles Color Run. We wore tutus and embraced the brightly-hued silliness.


Basically, you run a 5k while being pelted periodically with brightly colored powder. It’s not officially timed, and they had about 20,000 participants registered, so it was crowded and laissez-faire – starting not in waves so much as loosely assembled herds that would depart when it seemed like there was enough room for another one to go.


Everyone is given their own little packet of powder to throw (as you can see, we got orange), and they had five different color stations along the course, where volunteers would enthusiastically douse everyone with squeezy bottles of the stuff.



We had a ton of fun getting messy…


…and then being blasted by leaf-blowers to get some of the excess powder off!


Pro tips:

  1. Getting too much of the color powder in your lungs is no joke. Try to hold your breath through the color stations, or maybe try a surgical mask. Bandanas just get gross and wetly stuck to your face.
  2. Even though this has ‘flavoring,’ it does not taste good, and gritty, dirty looking teeth are not attractive. Keep that mouth closed!

Image3. I heard that putting hairspray on your white clothing will help the powder adhere better, if you’re looking to make a souvenir out of what you wear during the run. (I didn’t test this theory because the white cotton tee I bought for this did not arrive in time. Related: I don’t recommend running in a button down dress shirt.)

4. Get out there, get colorful, and have a blast!



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