Book Review: Slow Fat Triathlete

For Christmas, I was given a nifty present: this book. I think my stepmom was nervous to give it to me, worried I’d think she was calling me fat. And slow. Turns out, I kinda am, so whatever, plus I’d really wanted to read it for a while!

I’d recommend this book to anyone considering doing their first triathlon. The information provided is basic and accessible, and doesn’t get too far into the technical side of things (though it does include a nice glossary in case you need to look up awesome-sounding triathlon terminology like “fartlek“).

The book doesn’t tell you anything you can’t look up on the internet, but that’s okay. Her tone is conversational, and if you’re like me – fairly new to multi-sport and not the typical lean mean athlete machine – it’s really great to read her personal stories and get the perspective of a normal human being.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Slow Fat Triathlete

    • I think you’ll like it! Definitely read it before the triathlon in April.

      I love that it has a section on significant-other triathlon support – I thought of you, you are amazing at that stuff! And you put up with my “PRSS” (post race stupidity syndrome) really well!

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