“Well, Excited AND Scared”

My century ride is the day after tomorrow.



I’m waiting on one last purchase to arrive (come on, spare tire!) and I need to figure some stuff out (what to wear, what to bring for breakfast) and pack, but I feel good about my training. I think I’m ready.

My amazingly awesome and supportive husband has signed up to volunteer at the Badwater rest stop. So I’ll see him twice along my ride, AND (if he doesn’t want to use the credit himself), I’ll be able to do another of these events in the future for free. Sweet!

I’ve been keeping up with daily yoga practice. I enjoyed the class at Urth Yoga; the instructor was great and the difficulty was perfect – enough to be a little challenging, but not so advanced that I ever felt overwhelmed or out of my depth.


Not at all how I looked, but definitely how I felt.

However, I’m still sore… today it’s in my shoulders. I’m doing so many different exercise activities that I don’t know what’s causing it, so I’m just going to be very gentle with myself today and tomorrow: still follow my training plan, but maybe hold back a little on the intensity, and definitely back off from anything that causes pain.

I am excited! Can’t wait to tell you all about it on Tuesday!


6 thoughts on ““Well, Excited AND Scared”

    • Thank you so much! 80 miles is the farthest I’ve ever ridden. This is going to be 105 and I’m about… 90% confident and excited and 10% OH GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING?! πŸ˜›

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