A Proper Bike

The century ride really impressed upon me that I would be wise to invest in a bicycle that is better designed for the type of riding I’m doing. It’s fun to hear how “hardcore” and “badass” I am for riding 100+ miles on a steel-framed Nishiki Rally with flat pedals… but I think I’m ready for the new fun of seeing how fast I can go and how good I can feel riding a lighter bike, clipped in.


I fully expect this, though.
(Photo credit: Florida Biking)

Of course, this brings up countless questions to research and think about: should I get a tri bike, or a road bike? Is there any way I can try out clipless pedals before committing? (I’ll admit it, they scare me.) How much am I going to have to spend to get something decent? Should I find something used, or focus on getting a ‘entry level’ new bike?


Not to mention, I get buyer’s remorse any time I spend more than $50, on anything. So I’m very hesitant about the whole thing. I’m still in the researching-online, asking-my-dad-stupid-questions, throwing-it-out-there-on-my-blog-to-get-other-perspectives stage. Right now, I’m seriously considering this¬†triathlon starter kit, because it includes a new road bike and is altogether a great deal on a bunch of other stuff I’m going to have to buy eventually anyway. Plus, I really like the folks at Triathlon Lab; they’re knowledgeable and helpful and not at all condescending, even though I’m a n00b.

ImageSo, yeah. Trying to figure it out. Probably not before my sprint tri in April, but hopefully in plenty of time for my international distance in June. Any advice or words of wisdom are most welcome and appreciated!


6 thoughts on “A Proper Bike

  1. Ooh that is a hard one. I can tell you the route I took. I decided to go with a road bike that way I had an all around general purpose bike that was good for road riding and for beginner tri riding. So far I have been happy with it and I hope it will work well come triathlons and century ride. If you can get something fitted locally that might be your best bet, good fit seems to be everything. I am still relatively new to this whole thing, but I tried to get one bike that would do it all and a good solid road bike worked for me so far. BTW you could always add aero bars later. Don’t know if this helps, keep us up to date on whatever you select.

    • Definitely will keep you posted! I am leaning towards a road bike. I wish I could afford a the super fancy carbon frame one, but anything is going to be a step up at this point.

  2. I recommend a road bike. If you decide to ride with you local bike club, they will frown on you showing up with a Tri bike. Not because they are elitist, but because it is unsafe to ride in a group in aero position. You can always add aero clip-on bars which is what i did for my road bike to get used to aero position. You may not want to be aero all the time. It is not that comfortable.

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