Can we Fast Forward to New Bike Day?

After a lot of thought and research about the bike situation (and a generous offer of a sweet loaner bike from a friend), I have a plan in place!


I am going to be saving up for the Triathlon Lab‘s starter kit. It includes all this:

As well as a whole bunch of other goodies (water bottle and alloy cage, TYR goggles and swim cap, BodyGlide, etc.). I am ridiculously excited about this! I’ve looked at my budget, implemented a savings plan, and April 25 is New Bike Day. YAY!

In the intermittent 44 days (who’s counting, right?) my wonderful friend lent me her carbon framed Trek OCLV. Wow. I’m going to get spoiled. It’s so light that when she pulled it out from storage and handed it to me, I felt like — where’s the bike?

Of course, it has clipless pedals, so I had to go shoe shopping. It was a bust. The store I went to had exactly one pair of ladies’ cycling shoes in my size. Good news: I loved them! Bad news: they were $250. Uh, no. I bought the cleats that would fit my loaner bike’s pedals and took to the internet. Now I am impatiently awaiting delivery of these shoes.


In the meantime, I’m continuing to ride on my beloved Nishiki, and trying to be zen about my (responsible and prudent!) decision. But… is it New Bike Day yet?


10 thoughts on “Can we Fast Forward to New Bike Day?

  1. 44 Days would feel like forever for me.Of course I got my bike, was able to ride for a few months, then closed myself in for winter. This weekend was the first time I got out and rode again. Can’t wait to see how you like the new bike and package!!

    • I think if my friend hadn’t lent me her road bike to practice on (and ride in my sprint triathlon), I might have caved and put the purchase on a credit card.

      Yay for spring and riding outside again!

      • It took a little while for me and at one point while out for a ride with the family I forgot I was clipped in, stopped, panicked, and fell right over… Looking back it was actually quite funny and something I’ve learned a lot of people do when getting their first pair.

  2. This reminds me, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about how bad-ass you are for doing that century ride on the steel frame bike. (He bikes and we were in steel sculpture class, in case you were wondering how it came up.) He, of course, had to one-up me by telling me about a guy he’s met who does a century ride every year on a unicycle. Like, the unicycle is four feet tall and the guy has to run and jump to get on it. I say you’re bad-ass, he’s just crazy.

    • WOW. That is crazy AND badass, in my opinion.

      I think I’m going to use Alex’s volunteer race credit to do the ultra century (150 miles) next spring. 😀

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