Training Day

My trainer kicked my ass today (in a good way, of course). Lots of new stuff, including this:



After the workout, I stumbled back up to my office, never happier to eat a damn Healthy Choice (General Tso’s chicken is MY CHICKEN NOW).

Update on the cycling shoes: they fit, the cleats are attached… and I am terrible at using them. I tried them on the trainer, and riding around my block for a little while. I only for-reals fell once, but there was a lot of shakiness and some ill-advised attempts to keep my balance by reaching out to parked cars with my right hand. If there is such a thing as being ‘a natural’ at this — I’m not. But I’m hoping my… let’s call it “determination”… will see me through.


I did have a few brief shining glimpses of how smooth and powerful it feels to be clipped in and pedaling, though. I look forward to making it past the steepest part of this learning curve and experiencing that more often.


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