Danni for President!

Say what you want about most reality television…


…but I love The Biggest Loser. It’s exciting and inspiring to watch people transform themselves and achieve huge, life-changing goals over just a few months. Drama and backbiting made last season something of a bust, so I think they really tried hard to put together a cast with some heart this time around. A lot of the competitors are great, including Joe (a former football player and all-around good guy), and Jackson (who’s been doggedly persevering even though his workouts made him throw up for weeks — which, hey, helped me do less eating in front of the tv at least). But I have a #1 favorite contestant; someone I like, admire and relate to more than I have any other player since Tara Costa, and that’s Danni Allen.


Here’s what I like about Danni:

  • She’s kind, and it strikes me as being really genuine. There was no gameplay involved when she gave a prize she’d won (a visit from a loved one) away to a fellow contestant. She just did it to help out a friend, because she felt he needed it more than she did at that point.
  • She doesn’t give up. Very early on, the odds were stacked against the white team.


    Is it really a “team” if you’re the only one left on it?

But Danni showed determination and kept working hard, winning challenges, and appreciating and making the most of the opportunities afforded her on the ranch. I don’t know if I would have had the mental toughness to hang in there like that.


  • And, really, I just GET her. I get having a nice voice but being so scared to sing that it goes all shaky and off-key when you stand in front of people.  I get working hard to fight your way out from under ridiculous student loan debt. I get loving your family, your friends, and your life — but letting things get to a point where it’s hard to love yourself, and being  too overwhelmed to really work on making it better. So in cheering for her, I’m cheering for me, too.  If she can do it, maybe I can. Maybe we all can, if we work hard and stay positive like she does.

The big finale is tomorrow night, and I’m hoping Danni wins it all. I know that even if she doesn’t go home with the big check and the title, she’s already a winner… but I’m still rooting for her to be the one having to comb confetti out of her hair!


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