I need routine!

My weight loss adventure is going poorly.. still? Again? All I know is I’m at the high end of the 8 pounds I’ve been losing and re-gaining since September. BOO.

McKayla is unimpressed with my lack of consistency.

McKayla is unimpressed with my lack of consistency.

The problem is that I cannot for the life of me seem to get any routine going. The only thing I’m pretty consistent about is going to work Monday through Friday, and even there I have flexible hours. What I do (and what I eat) in the evening, what happens on weekends, when I go to bed, when I get up, when I can fit in exercise — all of that varies wildly from day to day. Sometimes I manage it all.  Most times lately though, resisting temptation (or exhaustion) seems impossible.

Cheats are fine – maybe even necessary! – when they’re occasional. A splurgey dinner for a friend’s birthday or a skipped workout once or twice a month is not a problem. But when I look at my calendar and see that exceptions ARE the rule, it’s frustrating. Over and over I’ve vowed to buckle down and be more disciplined. And I am for a day or two, so I start feeling better and healthier and the scale goes down a little – yay! And then the special occasion du jour disrupts my efforts and it’s a quick and slippery slide to “I’m not following my plan anyway so let’s order Thai food.”


Because it’s delicious.

The moral of the story is: every meal is an opportunity to make good choices, and I’ve got to make the best of that. Because this week it’ll be a vacation… and then in a few weeks it’ll be a destination wedding… and then there’ll be whatever happens next, and that’s LIFE. I can let it derail me, or I can accept that, yeah, it’s difficult – and keep working at making those good choices more and more often. Guess which option I’m choosing?


5 thoughts on “I need routine!

  1. I am RIGHT NOW in the midst of writing up an overdue beekeeping newsletter that I ostensibly have a schedule to work on one hour a day… Externally imposed schedule are SO MUCH EASIER to keep than self-imposed ones. I swear I miss school primarily for the “You must do THIS now” aspect of it. When the decision making is put in MY hands, all hell breaks loose. Best of luck, chica!!!

    • So much empathy. I just feel like – the stuff I *want* to do is perpetually on the back burner and I’m just slogging through the stuff that *must* be done NOW.

  2. Oh man, I so feel you. I’ve been gaining and losing the same 3 pounds since November. Every time I get inspired to buckle down ends up getting derailed. By lack of motivation or caving to temptation or something. It’s hard when you’re actively trying to lose weight for a freaking year and a half at this point for me. I feel like I’ve learned all the skills for maintaining, but lost a lot of the oomph for losing. Today was a good weigh in day for me. Which luckily helps me stay on track, because I feel more motivated when I actually see it working. But it’s frustrating that I was convinced I’d have a body I wanted seen in a tiny bikini this summer, and actually I can get by wearing last year’s swimsuits. They’re only a tiny too big on me.

    Routine really does help, and you are the queen of always having awesome plans. I’m always amazed by how much you accomplish! Maybe it’d be helpful to try and stick to at least a workday routine? Like your yoga every morning, and super low cal breakfast and lunch, and a workout at lunch or immediately after work before going home. You have a gym at your office, right? I do my best (when I’m actually trying) to be really low cal Monday thru Friday, and then mostly low cal for all but one or two meals on the weekend. Eh, I don’t know why I’m even saying all this. 🙂 You know all this! Just like I do. Doesn’t make it any easier to actually stick to it. 😀

    Any time you’re feeling frustrated though, you should just take a look at that picture set to the left. You are clearly accomplishing lots!

    • I know you know, diet twin! And this is all good stuff that I agree with… it’s just, like you said, easier said than done. My afternoon workout will coincide with a meeting, or I’ll be swayed by the pull of free lunch provided by the firm (both of these actually happened this week!) and bam – I’m off-track.

      I am happy I have not really lost the progress I’ve made, but I’m really ready to be consistently moving towards my goal again (or maybe I will be when I get back from Mexico…)

      You are doing phenomenally, and you help motivate me a lot. We can do this!

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