Running in the City of Lights

Even though I walked for hours sightseeing every day, I am pleased to say I also made it out jogging twice during my trip to Paris. The first time, it was around and through the Jardins du Luxembourg, which were conveniently just a couple blocks from our hotel.

When my godmother (the person who so generously gifted this trip to me and my husband) asked my how my second run was, I responded “Heart-bustingly beautiful.” I took the metro over to the Eiffel Tower, and ran along the Seine for a couple miles in the pre-dawn rain. I didn’t have a camera with me, but it looked pretty much like this:

Both times, I remembered how much I love running in scenic new places. It just flies by, it barely feels like work. I think my favorite thing, though, was my dialogue with Señor Garmin:

“Are you indoors?”
“Are you hundreds of miles from your last activity?”

The first run, I wasn’t able to lock on to a satellite (batteries were low and it finally gave up), but here is my data from the second one. So cool!


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