Leaving the Country Again!

Well, in a few hours I’m getting on another plane. (Remember when I told you I was having trouble settling into a routine?)

Alex and I are off to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, for a family wedding. I’ve never been to that part of the world before (in fact, all I’ve seen of Mexico is Tijuana, Rosarita, and Ensenada), but the internet tells me it looks like this:


Photo credit: travel.usnews.com

So… yes, please. I’m excited!

I have two fitness goals for this trip: first, to track all my calories ONLINE daily, even if it means being a party pooper and sitting in the hotel lobby (where there’ll be wifi) for 15 minutes every morning to do it. I came back from France with a week’s worth of paper-journaled food I then had to enter into MyFitnessPal.  Not fun! Second, I want to go running twice. I know I’m going to eat and drink like a gluttonous lush, so I’m not going to kid myself about that.

When I get back, my triathlon training for the rest of the season will begin in earnest. Irondad is writing me up a training plan that is all color-coded, based on zones, and categorized into base, build, peak, and recovery weeks. Fancy! I think I’m going to need a new heart-rate monitor, though… I can’t find the telemetry strap for my Polar. Do they sell those separately? Should I get a Garmin brand one so Señor Garmin will have a girlfriend? Inquiring minds want to know!


3 thoughts on “Leaving the Country Again!

  1. I *think* they sell the telemetry straps separately… I know we have two, one that goes with Brandon’s watch and one that goes with the hr monitor for my erg. But people that use stairmasters and such at gyms would only need the strap right, so there’s a demand.

    Enjoy your trip! I so need a vacation. Sigh.

    • Yeah… I still have the watch that came with it (and it also works with Señor Garmin, who is a watch :)), and the elasticy band that holds it in place, but the strap itself, with the electrodes, is MIA. Meh.

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