All Over the Place

I’m pretty scattered today. It’s Friday, and it’s also NEW BIKE DAY! In just a few hours, I’ll be heading over to Triathlon Lab to purchase their starter kit. Too excited.

The past two days, I’ve done my prescribed workouts and I’ve met my calorie goals. I am hungry, sore, cranky, and accomplished. I feel thinner, too, but that’s probably because I’m wearing yesterday’s jeans. It’s funny what a shift it is, going from a vacation mindset back to disciplined calorie-counting. A friend offers me a drink and I’ve almost finished saying “sure, I’d love one!” before realizing there are no drinks worth having that are less than the 64 calories I have left.

I’ve started reading Your Best Triathlon, by Joe Friel (an awesome gift from Irondad). It makes me feel wayyyyyy out of my depth, but also kind of excited about the prospect of getting so much better, fitter, and more technical.

This weekend I have two long-ish workouts; a two-hour bike ride followed by a 10 minute run tomorrow, and a one-hour run on Sunday. I’m in the ‘base’ phase and it only gets more difficult from here on out, which is kind of a frightening concept.

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