My Goals: Let Me Show You Them

A week ago yesterday, I flew back from Mexico. A week ago today, I began following the triathlon training program prescribed by my dad, and I resumed sticking to a net calorie budget of 1200 per day.

It’s hard.


Take it from Nomi and Cristal; brown rice and vegetables are worse than dog food.

But I’m feeling better already. More energetic, lighter, stronger. The biggest challenge has been fitting the workouts into my schedule. 3 swims, 3 bikes, 3 runs, 3 strength training sessions every week – you do the math. And I’m crazy, so I’m still trying to use up my Cardio Barre classes, and sweat with Richard Simmons when I can, and do yoga most mornings, and try out the occasional crazy class (Zumba, anyone?) or go out dancing with friends, so there’s that too. Overwhelm. But I do it to myself, so I shouldn’t complain.


There were a couple days where going to sleep at 8pm seemed like a great idea, but I think I’m over the adjustment hump now. The training program is based on periodization and right now I’m in the ‘base’ phase, and even though I’ve done two sprint triathlons, training like this is all new to me. For the first time, my swim workouts are more complicated than just “get in the pool and do laps for half an hour” – I now have to do a certain number of yards at a ‘cruise’ pace, and others at ‘max effort.’ I’m starting to get into the habit of running immediately after finishing long bike rides (even if it’s only for a few minutes). It feels… scientific. Triathlete-y.


Maybe I should drink some Powerthirst.

In other news, today marks one year since I began this gamified weight loss adventure. I’ve lost (and kept off) more than 40 pounds. You can see that the past few months have been two steps forward, two steps back:


but I’ve rededicated myself, and that graph is about to get steadily down-sloping again. My medium-term goal (and my mantra lately, when I have to work hard or resist making bad food choices) is: 170 by Big Kahuna. A 30 pound loss by September is an attainable goal, and getting rid of that much fat will help me immensely in the race. Also, 170 will be 5 pounds less than I have ever weighed as an adult. That will be quite a milestone.

6 thoughts on “My Goals: Let Me Show You Them

  1. Every time I read your stuff, I’m so inspired to try harder, do more! I should have looked at this last night when I decided I didn’t want to wake up early and go jogging today. You are so incredible!

    • You are so great! Thank you!

      Waking up early to exercise is the hardest, man. I have to do a bike ride after our dinner tonight (about which I am SO EXCITED, by the way!) because I couldn’t wake up at 5am yesterday.

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