New Bike Day!

How do I write a recap of New Bike Day that isn’t just a shameless plug for my favorite store?  Triathlon Lab, as usual, did me right. Their triathlon starter kit was a fantastic purchase.

We started with the bike. Lloyd Taylor (who has always been super awesome – as a newbie, it’s so nice to have someone really knowledgeable who’s willing to take the time to explain things, and yet somehow not make you feel like a total idiot) measured my arms and grabbed a 54cm Felt Z100.


With the bike on a trainer, Lloyd used the goniometer to measure the angle of extension my legs reached when pedaling. He adjusted the seat a bit; the handlebars seemed ok. We discussed different options for the pedals. Although Light Action ones seemed pretty cool, I opted for the standard Speedplay ones that work with the shoes and cleats I bought for riding Cosette’s bike.

After that, I tried on tri shorts and tops. I LOVE the Triathlon Lab branded Sugio shorts I got; they fit perfectly, they’re very comfortable for both riding and running, and they look good (I have failed as a blogger, I did not take a photo). Tops were harder – they’re all tight and unforgiving around the midsection.  I ended up choosing a white and black one with a great built in sports bra. It fits now but isn’t too flattering; hopefully by Sacramento I’ll have lost some more weight and look better in it.

While they installed a water bottle cage on the bike, I tried on wetsuits. Since the last one I’d rented from them was a women’s XL, we started there. This was a different brand, though (I’m sure you see where this is going). I went slow because it was my first time with one that was brand new, and I was loathe to put any nicks in it. Even so, it was the most difficult time I’d ever had putting on a wetsuit. I was sweating and tugging and struggling to pull it into place. And when I finally got it up to my waist and went to put my arms in, I had to admit: it was just too small.


I asked to switch it out for a men’s L and the difference was night and day. It went on easily (well, as easily as a wetsuit can) and it fits fine. It’s so sleek and new and unmarked, I almost don’t want to go swimming in it!



Then it was just a matter of piling up all my other goodies – a black Louis Garneau Atlantis helmet (so much lighter and more breathable than my Nutcase!), a purple swim cap, some TYR Racetech goggles, a Tri Lab water bottle and maybe my sleeper favorite – a Rocket Science transition bag. That thing is awesome! It’s really well-designed and has a place for absolutely everything you need on race day, with separate compartments to keep wet and dry stuff separate. It even hangs on the bike rack at your transition area. Really very cool; I can’t wait to use it!

Overall, I got a really good value here. I feel fully equipped for the season, and so very excited!


Lloyd and me, looking happier than I ever have after spending $1000. Worth it!

4 thoughts on “New Bike Day!

    • Me tooooooo! I rode my bike this weekend and OW. Gonna have to get acclimated to the new saddle. But otherwise, I *love* it. 🙂 It’s the same bike IowaTriBob has!

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