A Bad Ricky Bobby Day

This is an awesome race recap of this year’s 70.3 in Oceanside, by Trevor Wurtele. One of the funniest parts is where he says one of his competitors was having “a bad Ricky Bobby day.” That was me in the pool this morning.


First of all, this is what Coach Irondad left for me in Training Peaks: “Speed Swim: 150 warmup; 5×50 with :15 rest; 100 easy; 4×50 with :15 rest; 100 cooldown.” Ok, I barely know what that means. I assumed the x50 laps were supposed to be at my max effort, or else why would I need the :15 rest? I’m dumb. It’s all I can do to translate the yards into laps and remember how many at each type of effort.


So I get out there, and it’s crowded. Ugh. Last time the pool was busy, I almost had a head-on collision with someone because I didn’t understand that, two to a lane means you split it, three or more means circle swim. Got it. Except today I was circle swimming on the wrong side of the lane, and got kicked square in the nose.


I had to get out, go back to the locker room to make sure it wasn’t bleeding or broken, and to cry a little – both because it hurt, and because I was embarrassed. Am I ever going to get better at this?

I seriously considered throwing in the towel (literally) and just going to work. But there wouldn’t be any way to make up this workout, so I sucked it up and got back out there. (I did sit in the bleachers for a while, watching everyone and picking the lane that looked ‘friendliest.’) Pleased to say I got it done. Even felt kind of fast at the beginning of my ‘max effort’ laps. Trying to adopt the perspective that it’s a victory.


9 thoughts on “A Bad Ricky Bobby Day

  1. The fact that you kept it up even after getting kicked in the face is spectacular! Dude! Kicked in the face! And you went and freaking did it anyway. Hardcore, Gina. Hardcore.

    • Thank you sir! Is your pool usually busy? As a slow and newbie swimmer, I feel like such a dummy most of the time that I go.

      • One of the gyms, most of the time, the other not so much. It really depends on the time of the day and the day itself. At the gym sometimes people will share a lane, but often most people just wait til one opens. There are times I avoid the pool though because it gets so busy.

  2. Way to come back – down but not out! Great workout as well. I have to admit that I hate swimming in crowded lanes when I don’t know anyone. I’m not a strong enough swimmer yet and am always 1) very self conscious that I have no clue what I’m doing and 2) afraid that I’m slowing others down or screwing up their workouts.

    • Complete empathy on the self-consciousness. Can’t wait to develop more confidence. It’ll be great to feel like I know what I’m doing out there!

  3. Serious victory! Go you! I have no idea how to translate IronDad’s notations, so between that and getting KICKED IN THE FACE – damn, man, seriously a victory. Lately I’m doing well if I get in 20 minutes of yoga “for beginners” per day.

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