I Can’t Even Get Injured Right!

Injuries are common to athletes. Tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff damage, muscle tears… it’s par for the multisport course. I injured myself training today.


Yeah. Sprained my finger when I tried to break my fall as my bike toppled over from the trainer because it wasn’t secured properly. I feel incredibly stupid. This has not been my week.

I will consider it a win if I can get some kind of exercise in today and stick to my calorie goal. All I wanted to do was stay home, watching TV and ordering delivery. I made it to work, though, so… yay me?

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Even Get Injured Right!

    • Dood. I just got up the nerve to take the nail polish off. It’s gnarly!

      It’s much, much better, though. The swelling has gone way down, and I can type and grip things (gently) with no trouble now. It still sucks to bump up against things with the top of the nail, and this black blood bruising under the nail will last a few months til the whole nail grows out, I think. I feel like much less of a wuss now, seeing how bad it really is.

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