Finally, a Good Day in the Pool!

Alex kissed me goodbye this morning and said, “have a good swim.” Ever full of positivity, I replied “I won’t.” I had oversnoozed (which is like oversleeping, but nine minutes at a time, and by choice) and I knew that the pool was going to be packed. That hasn’t gone so well for me lately. Plus today’s focus was endurance, so I would be out there (being terrible) for a little longer than usual.


But I lucked out! It was only a little crowded, and I was able to find a lane marked “SLOW” with just one swimmer who was going about my pace. Sweet! I did 100 yards to warm up and then started four 150-yard ‘steady’ sets. A third guy joined our lane and I switched to circle swim (no getting kicked in the face for me today!) but he was just too slow, and I kept having to pass him. You’d think I’d be annoyed by this, but no! It was very exciting to not be the slowest one, to have someone else interrupting MY flow instead of being constantly worried that I’m doing that to another swimmer.


So, I switched lanes. The area I moved into was the shallow side, and marked “for walkers only” but there was just one person there, and he was swimming laps. So I asked him if I could split the lane with him, and he said “of course.” I finished out my workout – including two 50-yard “all out” efforts that I ALMOST made it straight through (had to keep my head above water because I was breathing too heavy about 40 yards in) and a cool down 100 that was easy peasy Japanesy.


So very happy to finally feel good about a swim workout! Next goal: getting good enough that I feel comfortable checking out one of LA Tri Club’s “Ocean 101” or, eventually, “Chicken of the Sea” open water swims.


4 thoughts on “Finally, a Good Day in the Pool!

    • Have you bought your wetsuit yet? Because you and I can just go whenever. Both those OW swim groups are restricted to Tri Club members only (one of the reasons I’m considering joining!).

  1. I don’t have a wetsuit. A co-worker of mine is going to bring me an old one of hers to try. But I have a feeling it will be too small. I’d be willing to brave some cold water on a hot weekend day, though!

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