Progress & Obstacles

I thought I’d check in every Wednesday to let y’all know how I’m progressing towards my current goal of getting to 170 pounds by Big Kahuna. So far, so good! I’ve lost 3.2 pounds since returning from Mexico.


I know I could do something much fancier in Excel, but there’s something deeply satisfying about doing this by hand, with pen and paper!

The black bars are where I should be if I lose two pounds each week. The blue highlighter represents my actual numbers from my Monday weigh-ins.


Lately, I find myself asking (quite often, actually), why things can’t just be EASY. Spraining my finger comes to mind. Forgetting almost everything I needed for my long run in Vegas is another example.This week, it’s “major drama at my gym causes all the personal trainers to quit.”


This kid knows what I’m talking about.

It’s so frustrating, because I finally had a good thing going with my trainer. And now he (and all the others) are at a gym down the street that costs $60/month and isn’t, y’know, in the lobby of the building where I work.

Also, the chain/gears/shifters(???) of my new bike are messed up. Alex and I have both looked at my chain and it seems to be on properly, but it’s just not right. The bike is noisy, and when I pedal it does that ka-chunk! slipping thing. It doesn’t FEEL like I’m in the gear that’s indicated, and I can only even kind of ride in the highest gear or two. I have to take it to the bike shop; hopefully they can help me understand what I’ve done wrong, and how to avoid/fix it in the future. This morning, I slogged through my 30 minute ride by going around and around the blocks of my neighborhood, because I wasn’t comfortable out on main streets with traffic. I felt dumb.


4 thoughts on “Progress & Obstacles

  1. Woohoo, looks like your diet plan is moving right along. Sorry to hear about the trainer debacle, sure you will figure something out. You might need to just lube the chain, but I am still new to cycling and no where near an expert or even knowledgeable at this point. Maybe I missed a post, but what is big kahuna? What sort of plan are you using for losing the weight? Love the old school chart, keep it up!

  2. Found the posts I was missing (wordpress went stupid or I got busy and missed them). Sounds like a plan and like a huge goal, go for it and you will do it.

    • Haha, thanks Chatter! Yeah, Big Kahuna is my “A” race this year – a 70.3 in Santa Cruz in September.

      For weight loss, I’m trying for a NET (after accounting for calories burned via exercise) goal of 1200 calories per day. I track using MyFitnessPal. Trying to eat less processed foods, but that’s kind of hit and miss. 8+ glasses of water, multivitamin, and of course my exercise/training. It’s challenging, but I know it’s effective when I stick with it.

      • Sounds like you have a plan and are seeing the progress. I know you saw on my site I had to actually eat more to loose weight. Looks like I am do for a goal overhaul soon as my primary goal was the First Triathlon and the Tour De Cure. Both of which I have almost achieved. I have longer goals, but you remind me I need to shore up and take stock and get the goals back in alignment. You are an inspiration.

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