Chugging Along

Last week, I completed every workout that Coach Irondad set out for me. Actually, I kind of overachieved, by going on a three-hour group bike ride instead of the 1:30 he had planned. I only went over my calorie budget on two days out of seven. I’d like to say I’m feeling accomplished and awesome – and I kind of am, I guess. But really, right now all I can think of is how slllooooooww weight loss progress is. I’ve been consistently working really hard for three weeks, now. Shouldn’t I look like this?

Alas, I don’t. Yet. But I am making progress, however slowly!


Date Weight Pounds Lost
4/24/13 200.8
4/29/13 199.6 1.2
5/6/13 197.6 2
5/13/13 196 1.6

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