“Training = Good Days + Bad Days + Patience”

Quoted straight from a text from Coach Irondad, sent because I utterly failed at my swim workout this morning. I was supposed to do 900 yards in 30 minutes; I only did 800, and it took 31. I was supposed to go a little faster with each 100 yards; I stayed the same for the first half, and then went even slower in the second because my arms and legs were so tired. The best part was when, just as I was about to start my last 100, both calves cramped so badly that I was forced to sit on the steps of the pool and stretch for nearly 10 minutes before I could even stand up. Awesome.


(Not actually awesome.)

I was so cranky. This guy saw me hitting the lap button on Señor Garmin every 100 yards and was like “why don’t you just use the big clock?” and it was all I could do not to aqua jog over and punch him in the face. I can barely remember what lap I’m on, and you want me to remember nine different pace times?


It doesn’t help that he reminded me that I don’t yet actually understand how to use a pace clock. I’ve read this article once so far and it still doesn’t make any sense. Any experienced swimmers care to give me an easy “Pace Clock for Dummies” breakdown?


Is it just me, or does this kid look downright smug?

6 thoughts on ““Training = Good Days + Bad Days + Patience”

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