Bike Saddles and Lady Parts

Sadly, I think I have to accept that the seat that came with my Felt Z100 has got to go. I’ve put over a hundred miles on the bike since I bought it, and while I’ve gotten somewhat acclimated to the seat, there’s discomfort that is just not going away.

Thanks to fellow cyclists and the wonderful rabbit-hole that is The Internet…


I wonder what Googling “women bicycle saddle discomfort” will yield.

…I’ve learned some things:

  • I thought I couldn’t adjust the angle of my bike seat (tilt it up or down), but I may be able to, by rotating the stem 180 degrees.
  • An estimated 30% of pro women cyclists end up having to undergo some kind of genital surgery. (!!!)
  • There is such a thing as an assometer, for measuring the width of your sit bones.
  • Those no-nose saddles look weird, but may be a good option as they’re supposed to completely eliminate pressure on, um, the parts that are hurting.

Mainly I just have a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about all this. I don’t want to spend more money, but I also don’t want to be in pain or cause long-term health problems. It’s going to be awkward at the bike shop, discussing where things are hitting and where I’m experiencing pain and pressure, but I think it has to be done.


8 thoughts on “Bike Saddles and Lady Parts

  1. Oh man, I feel ya! I just found out you’re not supposed to wear underwear with your bike shorts and that whole idea weirds me out something fierce. But these longer rides are killing my parts and I’m willing to try anything!

  2. Bike shorts are supposed to be snug like tri shorts. I have had to get over being seen in lycra and tight fitting clothes. Now I fear I am a borderline nudist, as I find myself in the stuff way to often and have little fear wrapping a towel and changing.

    • LOL – I know exactly what you mean!

      I’ve actually come to take sort of a defiant attitude about it. Kind of an “F you” to the hypocrisy of all the fat-shaming goes on… like, yeah, I don’t look good in this yet. But I’m out here working hard ANYWAY and that makes me awesome.

  3. Pains in my bike seat area are the main reason I don’t bike more. I have yet to find something that doesn’t either massively hurt my butt, or make me feel like I got kicked in the crotch. And for a 20 mile bike ride, this is something that lasts for DAYS

    I’ve told bike shops as much, but they haven’t yet found me a solution. Certainly don’t be ashamed! You won’t be the first one to have complained. And by all means, preserve the sanctity of your lady bits!

    • Yeah, I’m kind of amazed at how prevalent a problem it is. I didn’t have much trouble on my upright bike, but now that I have a road bike and I’m riding in that angled-forward position, the pain is definitely a deterrent. *empathy*

      • Teaa – I dunno if Cosette’s seat was just more comfortable for me (it IS softer, I think) or that I didn’t go on any rides longer than an hour on it, but I didn’t have this problem on her bike. Which kind of gives me hope for the future…

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