Progress and a Favor to Ask!

Yesterday, I was more excited about the yoga video than about posting my weekly weight loss progress. (Also, my homemade chart had some structural defects, so I’ve switched over to excel…). Anyway, here’s week 4:


Date Weight Pounds Lost
4/24/2013 200.8
4/29/2013 199.6 1.2
5/6/2013 197.6 2
5/13/2013 196 1.6
5/20/2013 194.2 1.8

Also, it’s been just about a month since I started using Training Peaks and my dad’s coaching advice. This is kind of a nifty pie chart showing the hours I’ve spent in each discipline since I returned from Mexico:


Keep on keepin’ on!

I’m thinking of doing quickie video blogs on Fridays. Please tell me what you’d like me to talk about! I’m open to any questions or topics – is there anything you’re interested to hear my opinions on, or experiences with?


2 thoughts on “Progress and a Favor to Ask!

  1. WOW, great progress and I love the TP chart as well. Although I don’t have any topic suggestions, I’m looking forward to the video post – I’m pretty sure I’d be way to nervous to do one.

    • Thanks!

      And bah, it’s not going to be any big deal. Just trying to keep it interesting by changing up the format occasionally. 🙂

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