Updatey Goodness

I mentioned last week I got a little derailed by Memorial Day weekend, Well, just when I thought I’d come back from that, I was hit with a 1-2 punch of not feeling well/missing work and then suffering from a bit of depression and anxiety.Had to take a few more days off from training and weight-loss journeying altogether. Meh.

Wednesday Weight Update
(Missed the 5/27 weigh-in because I was out of town.)
(Excel is not cooperating to make cool little graphs.)
(I’m just full of excuses lately, aren’t I?)

Current weight: 195.4
Progress: gained 1.2lbs
To go before Big Kahuna: 94 days, 25.4lbs

Still doable, but I’m behind compared to my goals (I’d hoped to be in the high 180s by now). I’ve just got to be more consistent about food. Delicious, delicious food.


Training’s been ok. Just started a build up to the Olympic distance triathlon (my first!) that I’m doing in… 24 days. Yikes! I feel pretty tired all the time, and my laundry situation is out of control. A friend posted this the other day, and it made me laugh because it’s SO. TRUE.


It just feels like there’s just so little time or energy for anything else. But, I remember feeling this way when I started periodized training at the end of April. After a few weeks, I’d adjusted and I felt great; I’m sure the same will happen at this stage… I just hope it happens soon!

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