Race Plan: Sacramento Triathlon

I’ve written my first-ever triathlon race plan! I’m glad Coach Irondad had me sit down and do this now, because I will be glad to have one under my belt before my 70.3 rolls around. Here it is, in all its worrywart and over-planning glory!


June 30, 2013

6” Subway roast beef sandwich (Italian bread, veggies & cheese, no avocado-it won’t keep overnight!) on the drive over.

Nutrition: GU 10 min before start.
Mantra: “Just keep swimming”
Plan: Start at the back and don’t go out too fast. Try to keep moving forward without stopping to tread water; incorporate sighting into swimming. Don’t worry about going ‘fast’ until and unless the end is in sight and I’m feeling good. Steady, steady, steady, keep going until I reach those stairs.

Mantra: “Quick like a bunny”
Plan: Jog in and out unless calves are cramping. Have a Saltstick capsule and half a Bonk Breaker, put other half in jersey pocket. Quick sunscreen and make sure have:
• Helmet
• Sunglasses
• Gloves
• Chappy
• Race belt
• HR watch
[Pneumonic: her strong glutes can run hard!]

Nutrition: remaining half Bonk Breaker and another Saltstick at halfway point, 1 full bottle Nuun
Water: drink all of 20oz bottle
Mantra: “Powerful on the straights, slow and careful on the turns”
Plan: Ride steady and don’t crash! Keep careful count of laps.

Mantra: “I don’t need much.”
Plan: Remove helmet and bike shoes. Put on visor and running shoes. Turn race belt around, put on fuel belt. Have last Saltstick cap. Get back out there.

Nutrition: small bottle Nuun (half tablet), GU after 1 mile
Water: one 8oz bottle in belt and every aid station
Mantra: “No walk in the park.”
Plan: Just keep jogging (I know Ican do it, Idid it last Sunday!); only take walk breaks if absolutely necessary. Heat is irrelevant. Finish strong!


2 thoughts on “Race Plan: Sacramento Triathlon

    • Thanks Chatter! I can’t take all the credit, though, I basically cut and pasted one of Coach Irondad’s plans and put in my own info.

      I’ve never done this before, but I can really see how it helps – my anxiety is lessened, I can more easily visualize the race, and I feel more confident than I have in previous triathlons (even though those were only sprints).

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