Things are Hard, Yo

Not doing super awesome. Feeling tired and behind on everything, and like a failure at most things that matter.

But it’s hard to reset because I am flying to Houston tonight to keep a good friend company as she drives to Los Angeles. So here’s the plan.

Today: eat reasonably. Don’t work out because there’s no time and I didn’t bring gym bag. Rest on the plane.

Weekend: Eat reasonably. Drink lots of water. Complete prescribed workouts in hotel fitness centers. Enjoy trip.

Monday: Fresh start A++ effort. Fake it til I make it.


5 thoughts on “Things are Hard, Yo

  1. Begin again. All of your beginnings are training. Bring them closer and closer together. You’ll be back in the stream of movement again soon. Until then, respect your priorities, your seriousness about life and the people in your life, and be dedicated to your return. I write on adaptive fitness, and believe that an adaptive approach is sustainable. Come visit, trade ideas with us. I just published my first book in a series on adaptive fitness. It is a holistic approach to taking charge of your own training life.

      • True it is. I’m glad for the connection. I look forward to hearing of your training experiences in my reader!

  2. That comic is painfully accurate. Why the hell do we do that? Crazynesss. But at least V’s swimming classes have gotten me off my depressed ass and into the pool for actual LAPS the past week. Amazing!

    • Awesome! Swimming is good. Can’t really think about anything else when you swim, can you?

      Thanks for the comment… I know you get it.

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