Odds and Ends

Bullet point Friday!

  • I had an awesome session with my personal trainer today. Good workout, I felt strong, and I’m looking forward to strength training workouts being on a rotation for the next few months (I’d been doing the same one three times a week for about 8 weeks and it was getting OLD).
  • I’m on a quest to improve my nutrition for long workouts and races. But the first thing I tried Imagewas vile and didn’t satisfy hunger or give me energy. So the quest continues! I’m really looking forward to making some Feed Zone Portables. What do you guys eat/drink for calories on the long haul?
  • Planning to do a triathlon-specific swim clinic tonight, a group ride on PCH tomorrow, and an open water ocean swim this weekend, all through my tri club. I’m still intimidated by the group stuff, but I’m getting better at sucking it up. I recognize that the only way to get better is to practice, and practice is more enjoyable when it’s social. Once I get past the anxiety, anyway.

Have an awesome weekend!


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. I’ve experimented a lot on my longer bike rides and have gotten a lot of recommendations. What I’ve found works great for me is Clif Shot Bloks, Simple Coconut Bars, Nuun tablets in water, and a GNC Advanced Endurance mix. Of course I don’t take them all out with me but any combination of the above has kept me pretty well hydrated with enough energy to finish some long workouts feeling pretty strong. But I really do think it comes down to personal preference and a lot of trial and error.

    • I like lemon tea Nuun! 🙂 I completely agree with you – trial and error. I had a good experience this weekend with some Hammer endurance stuff… always good to have options.

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