Training Update

Monday, I helped an “OFF DAY” fulfill its destiny.



Last night, I did an easy spin on the trainer, followed by a 15 minute transition run. Man, do I like running at night! No sun trying to kill me. I’m pretty excited about the half marathon I’m registered for in January – downtown LA at night. Sweet!

Today I swam in the pool, for the first time in three weeks. It was work, but I’m glad I did it. Of course, I followed it with the sweet heroin that is McDonald’s breakfast (plus Monopoly! I never stood a chance…), so I don’t know how successful today really is.

But there you have it. A little more consistency, motivated by pure fear that I will not do well at Big Kahuna. I am trying to accept that I will be slow, and in the bottom of the field, and just have fun FINISHING A FREAKING HALF IRONMAN.

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