Monday was my last day at the job I’ve worked at since November, 2010. Tuesday was my first day at my new job (I’ve returned to teaching high school English).


I am totally overwhelmed. Like, in full freak-out mode over here. I knew it would be rough. I knew I was starting out way behind – teaching classes/grade levels I’ve never taught, starting on the second day of school with no time to really plan, when everybody else has been prepping for weeks. But I didn’t think of the millions of other ways I’d be unprepared and so far behind.

So – any blog post I write is a victory. Any training I get in is a victory. Any day when I don’t stress-eat half a Hot n’ Ready pizza from Little Caesar’s* is a victory. I’m really hoping that in a month or two I’ll get to a point where my stress level is manageable, I’ve achieved some sort of work-life balance, and I’ve got a routine going that works. Right now, I’m not there.

I did sign up for a new gym membership (since I can no longer super-conveniently work out in the same building I work in) yesterday, and I got my training in for the past three days. So that’s something.

*Today is not that day.

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