It’s Like Juggling, Which I Also Don’t Know How to Do

The Warrior Dash was great! We got through the course in a little over an hour, despite the first mile being pretty much completely and steeply uphill (I heard someone say, “this isn’t a 5k, this is a hike!”). As always, my favorite part was the obstacles; I can’t wait for the official photos, because I know I hammed it up whenever I saw a camera. The last challenge was swimming through a mud pit, which explains our “after” picture:


The fundraising for St. Jude was also very much a win-win; not only did we help sick kids, but we got access to showers (which we promptly turned into mud golem murder scenes) and free food. It was rad!

I tried to be good yesterday, but was derailed by exhaustion and Sprinkles cupcakes. I did, however, track all of my food in MyFitnessPal and plan to do so again today. I think successful getting-back-on-the-wagon may best be achieved like juggling: get one ball in the air, then add another, then another. So my first ball is food tracking, and I hope to add more balls before the end of the week. Anything is better than throwing them on the ground and giving up, which is kind of what I’ve done every other time I’ve tried this month.


4 thoughts on “It’s Like Juggling, Which I Also Don’t Know How to Do

  1. I’m back on track too! Diet twiiiiiiiiin! ❤

    I'm so happy to see you posting again! I want to make sweet potato curry, but Scott is evil and hates all delicious food. Maybe I can make it for lunch for myself.

    • I know how that goes. Alex doesn’t like mushrooms, but I think they’re awesome.

      If you do make it for lunch, don’t forget rice or bread to soak up all the awesome. The light coconut milk makes it a bit less thick and creamy than the original recipe.

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