Quickie Mobile Blog

This is more an experiment than a blog post. I’m updating from my phone (and oh, to have a smartphone again after nearly three weeks without! The deprivation…).

Things are going ok. A solid two weeks of food tracking, and I’ve brought my hydration back to a good level. Still having trouble finding the time to exercise, but I now have the dual motivations of: an Olympic triathlon in a month and a burlesque show in two weeks. People, I’ve gained weight and it is NOT pretty.

So, making progress, but still not where I want to be. Keep on keepin on.

What else has been going on? Last weekend I went to a Stretching for Athletes workshop. It was kind of basic but still cool. Tonight I’m FINALLY gonna make it out to one of LA Tri Club’s social ‘first Thursdays’ (of course, it’s the last of the season). Wish me luck – my goals are to win something cool in their giveaway, and not to let social anxiety kill me. Totally doable, right?

Oh and here’s my new favorite healthy food: Coach Irondad’s crunchy omelette!


Basically, fry up some cooked rice in a little olive oil, then pour in an egg or two whisked with a bit of milk around it and cook til omelette-like. Top with salsa – deelish!


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