A+ Weekend, D- Week

You guys, I trained for three days in a row. I was back on the horse. I didn’t let working late on Friday or wiping out on my bike Saturday stop me from ANYTHING. I felt great!


But then Monday rolled around and there just wasn’t time to bust out the bike trainer before dinner as planned. And, well, Tuesday was going to be a really long day, with a half-day of work, and then an interview, and then a burlesque rehearsal… I just couldn’t get out of bed early enough to swim laps, too. Luckily, yesterday I scheduled rest.


I haven’t gained weight, but that number isn’t going down, either (and oh, it needs to). But hope is on the horizon, as I have just accepted a full-time, permanent job. You know what that means: routine! I’m excited to get back to my Lean Cuisine lunches¬†and autopilot workouts. With holidays and everything, it’ll probably be January before I’m REALLY back in the swing of things… which is not the greatest considering I’m registered for a Spartan Sprint, an Olympic distance triathlon and a half marathon in the next seven weeks… but I’m glad to officially be back on solid ground again. Yay!


4 thoughts on “A+ Weekend, D- Week

  1. So happy to hear about your new job! You’re right the stability will help with scheduling in everything that you need to. So excited for you!

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