Oh, Richard Simmons

I worked out at Slimmons last night, which was fun. I failed, though, to get a picture of either of Richard’s outfits: he showed up wearing kind of a Viking warrior costume (including drawn-on facial hair) and took off the top layers to reveal leopard print leggings and a Swarovski-crystalled giraffe shirt (one of my favorites). He is SO. WEIRD. I love him.


Just picture this guy, bedazzled on a tank top.

Tonight my best friend and I are going to the gym – I need to put in a maintenance run on the treadmill. Tomorrow morning I want to go on a group bike ride, and Sunday I want to do an ocean swim. Thanks to LA Tri Club, I have many options for these, I just need to try to wrangle some company and figure out which ones I’m doing.


Pacific Coast Highway will definitely be involved.

Have an awesome weekend!


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