The Interestingness of Food Choices

At my new job, the kitchen is constantly stocked with a wide selection of food. I’d say “snacks,” but you can really have meals here: there’s cereal and milk, and soup, and stuff to make sandwiches, as well as more typical snacky foods like Cheez-Its and trail mix. This is both awesome (I will never get “hangry” at work) and dangerous (I can have a bagel and cream cheese WHENEVER I WANT).

Today I went in for a morning snack and was kind of surprised what I was able to do with my calorie budget. I could have had this:


But, for the same 240 calories, I chose to have all this:


I was so much more full and satisfied than I would have been if I’d eaten the Clif bar. Very interesting! A good reminder to listen to what my body wants when choosing what to eat. I guess a calorie isn’t just a calorie.


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