Race Report: Inaugural Downtown LA Turkey Trot 5k

I’ve done THREE races in the past few weeks, and I haven’t yet written about any of them. Unacceptable! Here’s the first. I’ll give ya my take on the Spartan Race tomorrow, and the HITS Palm Springs Olympic Triathlon on Tuesday. Pinky swear!


I think that the whole idea of a race on Thanksgiving day is just brilliant. You get up early and burn a few hundred calories (before consuming a few thousand), it’s a great start to the day before all the food and family craziness begins, and it’s NOT FOOTBALL. (Last year I watched parts of four games. That’s, like, three and a half games too many for me.) Also, people dress in awesome costumes.


Tell me you don’t want to go jogging with this guy.

Alex and I are training for a half marathon in January, so it seemed like a good way to get a maintenance run in. Plus, we had a pretty good time last year at the Newport Pie Run. My younger brother Raymond (I first typed “little brother,” but let’s face it – at 17 he has scraggly facial hair and towers over me, so that’s not really appropriate) was also considering doing the New Year’s run, so to test the waters we got his registration for this, too. It was his first official race – d’aww!

The route was through downtown Los Angeles, which is familiar but still pretty. There was a pretty decent hill that I remember hating during the LA Marathon in 2010, but despite that, Alex and I took no walking intervals. Score!

Speedy McYoungster placed 19th in his age group, and Alex and I maintained a respectable (for us) sub-12:15 minute per mile pace. It was a lot of fun. And now that we’ve done the inaugural one, I’ll probably want to run it every year that we’re in town. Maybe try the 10K next time!


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