“Ramekin of Mediocrity” is my New Band Name

I think I’m officially out of “standby” recipes – I’ve already shared everything good and healthy that I know how to cook on this blog. I’ll make every attempt to try new dishes and share good recipes on Mondays, but I’ve decided it’s better not to post anything than to give you a recipe that’s just okay. Case in point: last night I tried Cooking Light’s Biscuit-Topped Chicken Pot Pie.


Yep, they’re overcooked. And I checked them 3 minutes before the recipe said to!

These were pretty “meh.” Dry, low on flavor, not worth the effort. I would rather have a tiny portion of something truly delicious than a whole ramekin of medocrity. The recipe didn’t even seem like it could be improved with a few adjustments. I might try this one next; same idea but simpler and not wasting calories on a bland biscuit top.

In other news, now taking suggestions for triathlons this season! All I really have on the calendar is the Big Kahuna 70.3 in August. I’d very much like to do a few Olys before then. Where do you think I should race?

One thought on ““Ramekin of Mediocrity” is my New Band Name

  1. I have done something similar (individual pot pies in ramekins) using crescent rolls for the crust. That worked out fairly well.


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