Belated Weigh-in Wednesday

Not only did I not do this at all for a few weeks there, but I didn’t even do it on Wednesday this week! Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Better late than never, right?



February 12, 2014 – Week 6


Current Weight Last Weight Change/Last Update Change/Highest
219.6 219.2 +0.4 -22.4
Current Waist Last Waist Change/Last Update Change/Highest
40.75″ 39.75″ +0.5″ -1.25″
Current Hips Last Hips Change/Last Update Change/Highest
47″ 47″ 0 -3″


Run: 70 minutes, 5.62mi
Bike: 184 minutes, 33.6mi
Swim: 70 minutes, 1.52mi

Game Plan

66 points out of 100

Biggest Struggle this Week: food!  There were so many little occasions to indulge, and it seems like I didn’t miss one of them.
Biggest Success this Week: exercise! I’m on a great streak of having fulfilled all my Coach Irondad-prescribed workouts since he started getting me ready for HITS Napa last Wednesday.


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