The Two Week Experiment

I don’t know what’s going on with me lately, but I can not seem to get any kind of consistency going with my fitness efforts. I’ve now gained back what can be mathematically defined as “most” of the weight I’d lost in 2012. My pants are too tight to comfortably wear to work, and I feel gross.



The Olympic distance triathlon I’m doing in Napa is exactly two weeks from today. I figure, I can buckle down for two weeks. I can avoid indulgences and laziness for two weeks. Right? I’m curious to know, if I really work hard, how much can I improve in 14 days?

So, before I get back to catching up on race reports and recipes and the general narrative of my weight loss adventure, I’m going to hold myself accountable for a daily post here to check in. Starting now:

Day 1: Sunday, March 30

  • Weight: 227.0
  • Net Calories: 1184
  • Exercise: 1000 yard swim, 3.4 mile run

I’m pleased with this start,and I really hope that I can keep this determination going for the next two weeks. Not only will it help me get through Napa a little easier, but it might help me get some momentum and good habits going.



6 thoughts on “The Two Week Experiment

    • No idea, I’ve never done anything with Basal Metabolic Rate. My “net calories” are based on MyFitnessPal goals. I try to consume 1200 calories per day. If I’ve eaten 1600 but burned 400 through exercise (intentional exercise, not just what’s burned by being alive, I mean), then my net calories are 1200.

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