TWE: Day 3

Day 3: Tuesday, April 1

  • Weight: 224.4
  • Net Calories: 1095
  • Exercise: 1800 yard swim, 8 minute run

What’s the point of an eight-minute run? Well, I had to calibrate my foot pod and sync my heart rate monitor with…




That’s right, Señor Garmin has been lovingly passed on to Alex as I upgraded to the Garmin 910XT. YOU GUYS IT DOES SWIMMING.

I’ve been wanting one for quite a while, squirreling away my gift certificates to Triathlon Lab (which is closing its Santa Monica store, so sad) and pining. This weekend the time seemed ripe, so I took the plunge. Big purchases freak me out; I get buyer’s remorse any time I spend more than $50, but no regrets so far. It’s pretty awesome!

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