TWE: Day 5

Day 5: Thursday, April 2

  • Weight: 222.4
  • Net Calories: 738 (please no alarmist exclamations of “you’re starving yourself!” – trust me, I’m not. I ate 2271 calories, it was just a very active day)
  • Exercise: 30 minutes of walking, 60 minutes of biking, 60 minutes of running (with walking intervals)

As you can see, my weight was up a tiny bit yesterday, probably because I’d gone over my calories and not gotten good exercise on Wednesday. Everything has its price.

(Spoiler alert) today’s number on the scale was moving in the right direction again, but I had the shittiest swim workout this morning. It was supposed to be endurance sets (3x500m), plus warmup and cooldown. I did the warmup and two sets before having to call it quits because I was running late to work. I was also, even in the slow lane, constantly in everyone’s way. Tina Turtle.

Image But hey – no training is bad training, right?

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