TWE: Days 6-8

Ah, weekends. I always fall behind!

Day 6: Friday, April 4

  • Weight: 221.6
  • Net Calories: 1098
  • Exercise: 1800 yard swim that I seriously had to drag myself to. But I did it!

Day 7: Saturday, April 5

  • Weight: 221.2
  • Net Calories: 1140
  • Exercise: first I walked around the old LA Zoo for about an hour, then I did a “mockathlon” – 1700 yard swim, 1 hour bike, 3.1 mile run.

Day 8, Sunday, April 6

  • Weight: 221.0
  • Net Calories: 2839
  • Exercise: biked to and from Ciclavia. I also biked during Ciclavia, but since it was mostly riding my brakes and going 3 miles per hour, I’m not really counting it at “exercise.”

The calories are super high because I caved and had a big Indian food dinner (and a microwave chocolate mug cake) because I was having all the feels. Surprising no one, it did not really cheer me up and my weight was back up this morning. Knock it off, self! Be good til Sunday. You can do it.

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