3-pronged approach

Today I plunked down $70 for 4 months of Weight Watchers.  I’m… optimistic?  Almost any health/nutrition plan works if you can stick with it and make it a lifestyle change, rather than a “diet.”  The tricky part is finding something that fits that description for you.

I’m already trying to figure out how to keep my (210-day!) streak in MyFitnessPal going while on WW, though, because hell if I’m gonna track everything I eat, drink and do in both places.  Just no.


Weight Watchers for food, triathlon training for exercise, and my 25+ years of weight loss research and trial and error for everything else.  Like, I know it’s important to drink enough water and get enough sleep.  I know not to self-sabotage with all-or-nothing thinking.  I know I can reference my long list of proven delicious healthy recipes.

I just have to do it.

2 thoughts on “3-pronged approach

  1. I love you. You got this, Cousin! I just started back up my weight loss plan too. I gained about 50 pounds since GIVING birth, which means 50 on top of the weight I put on while I was pregnant. Long story short, I got a long journey ahead of me.
    I am proud of you!

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