Keep on keepin’ on

I decided to try and post on Wednesdays.  They’re my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers, and they’re right in the middle of the week, so I’m not trying to collect my thoughts on a hectic Monday or a brain-dead Friday.

I started Weight Watchers on June 6, so it’s been 5 weeks (and 2 days).  I’ve lost 18 pounds.  That feels pretty good.


However, I’ve had a lot of rough days lately.  Going way over budget because something I ate had a much higher points value than I estimated… getting discouraged because progress on long-term goals takes SO. FREAKING. LONG… or not quite sticking to my triathlon training schedule, even though Coach Irondad still has me “building a base” (aka taking it extremely easy).  Lately, it feels like I have just as many days feeling down, tired, and unsuccessful as I do feeling great, high energy, and pleased with my progress. If anyone has tips for shifting focus and staying positive, I am all ears!



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