Updatey Goodness

I think it is HILARIOUS that I started my last blog post with “I think I’ll write something every Wednesday!”… and then wrote nothing for over a month.  Typical!

I’m still Weight Watching (down 29.8 pounds, woot!  But it barely shows, wahh).  I mean, my clothes are looser, but I can still wear them.  My face looks a little bit thinner, but overall?  It looks like exactly what it is – a drop in the bucket that is my long-term goal.


I am definitely eating cleaner and healthier, and feeling well and energetic.  I sleep well and I mostly wake up feeling rested and refreshed.  However, when I get tired it hits me fast and hard.  I’m good, I’m good, I’m good… and then I am asleep in a corner, drooling on my arm.

Triathlon training is getting a little intimidating and overwhelming.  Not physically – Coach Irondad knows what he’s doing and doesn’t ask me to do anything I can’t handle – but mentally and emotionally, for sure.  Looking at the days and weeks ahead, I’m feeling a lot of “Oh shit, how am I going to be able to fit this in and make this work?”  But there is really no wiggle room – I HAVE to prepare for the 70.3 I’m doing in December.  Lately I’ve been wondering if I’ll be able to complete it in the time allowed (8 hours, 30 minutes).  I’m honestly not sure.  Though I’ve been training consistently and losing weight, I haven’t really been getting any faster… and I am ridiculously slow. Stress!  Self-doubt!

Nothing to do but keep giving it my best.


Keep on keepin’ on

I decided to try and post on Wednesdays.  They’re my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers, and they’re right in the middle of the week, so I’m not trying to collect my thoughts on a hectic Monday or a brain-dead Friday.

I started Weight Watchers on June 6, so it’s been 5 weeks (and 2 days).  I’ve lost 18 pounds.  That feels pretty good.


However, I’ve had a lot of rough days lately.  Going way over budget because something I ate had a much higher points value than I estimated… getting discouraged because progress on long-term goals takes SO. FREAKING. LONG… or not quite sticking to my triathlon training schedule, even though Coach Irondad still has me “building a base” (aka taking it extremely easy).  Lately, it feels like I have just as many days feeling down, tired, and unsuccessful as I do feeling great, high energy, and pleased with my progress. If anyone has tips for shifting focus and staying positive, I am all ears!


Non-scale Victories

This past weekend, I celebrated my 30-mumble birthday with a day at Disneyland.  I love going to the park, but I made it clear that I was going to be selfish and play it by ear as to what time I’d be leaving.  There have been times in the past when being in the sun all day, walking several miles in between rides, etc. has quite done me in.  I’ve gotten exhausted and miserable and sore, so I decided to avoid all that by going home exactly when I wanted to, and not worrying about being beholden to anyone else’s preferences.  I figured I’d probably make it til about 5 or 6pm before calling it a day.

Try almost 11:30pm.

I spent more than 14 hours enjoying the park with my friends and family before getting tired or feeling any muscular fatigue. We walked about 12 miles.  We did pretty much everything we wanted to do.  It was a really fun, happy day… and I can’t help but think that my diet and exercise habits over the past few weeks were the main determining factor in being able to enjoy it as long as I did.  Since June 6, I’ve been eating a ton more fruits and veggies than I had been, and my portion sizes are appropriate.  I’ve been much more active.  I’ve been taking better care of myself.  And I really think the changes I’ve been making showed up in my energy and stamina at Disneyland.

One of the reasons I want to lose weight is that I don’t want my size or health to stand in the way of anything I want to do – ever.  It felt pretty great to have the energy and fitness to be able to stay at the park and enjoy a special day with people I love.  Whatever the number on the scale is this week, I know I’m making progress.


Look at all that GREEN!

About a month ago, I asked Coach Irondad to help me start training for this year’s races (the Goleta Beach Long Course Triathlon, the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, and the HITS Palm Springs 70.3).  It started out bumpy (I’ve gained 50 lbs and had become ridiculously inactive), but I’m getting into the groove.  I feel a little better every day, and I love that I’m starting to get stronger (if not yet significantly lighter).  Definitely not perfect, but I’m sleeping better, getting up earlier, making it to the gym before work at least a couple days a week, and trying my best to do my workouts when and as prescribed.  I’m inching towards consistency, and it feels pretty good!


Dipping My Toe Back In

Hey guys!  I still exist.

Short version – been struggling for over a year to find that elusive work/life balance.  Gained like 50 lbs (boo) and have been pretty inactive.


I’m trying to get back into healthy habits.  This past week was Week 1.  I exercised 6 out of 7 days (two swims, two bikes, two runs!) and tracked all my calories.  I lost about 3.5 lbs (yay).

Goals for this week: go to the gym BEFORE WORK three out of five weekdays (I managed two last week, and already missed today) and bring my daily calorie intake average for the week from 2170 to 1900 or less.  Small, incremental changes.

beaker boss

63% of a Workout is Better than 0%

Man, this week has been kind of a shitshow on the weight loss/triathlon training adventure. I missed my workouts Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Today, I went to the pool, but only because my coworker was meeting me there (for which I am so, so grateful!), but I got there late and was only able to do 1400 meters out of the 2400 yards that were on my program before I had to leave for work.



On the plus side, even though I was at the pool with all the SRS BSNS athletes, I managed to overcome my self-consciousness and do flip turns most of the time. My OTHER coworker, who used to be a competitive swimmer, taught me last week. My flip turns are pretty sloppy and I’m sure quite entertaining to watch, but I am doing a somersault at the end of the lane and a few seconds later I am swimming in the other direction, so… win?

I am considering another mini-challenge on this blog where I report in every day, but just about my training. I REALLY want to form the habit of doing all of my weekday workouts before work.  The reasons for this are sixfold:

  • Snooze-sleep is not good sleep anyway, and that’s what I currently do between 5am (when I intend to get up and exercise) and 6:30am (when I actually have to get up and start getting ready)
  • Very little can interfere with pre-work plans, but things can and often do come up in the evenings (having to work late, social plans, errands to run, just plain tired, etc.)
  • The things I want to do are always available in the mornings (pools are open, running outside isn’t as hot, it’s not too dark to bike safely)
  • Training after work means having to find motivation and get-up-and-go… TWICE. I have to do it in the morning anyway to start the day, but having to do it AGAIN after work increases my chances of flaking on myself dramatically
  • I feel good and have more energy throughout the day when I exercise in the morning
  • It would mean no stupid calorie checkbook projections!  When I plan to work out in the evening, I’ll often pre-enter my planned exercise into MyFitnessPal to see how many calories I have available for snacks, dinner, etc. Guess what often happens? I’ll eat the calories, but not do the workout. Fail.

So, I think I’ll try that, starting next week.  Til then, everyone!

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 16



Post-burlesque show selfie taken last night; our theme was “spies” and I did a number as Agent 99 from Get Smart!



  • 1961 daily net average – pretty consistent with last week, corresponding with an exactly consistent result on the scale. Coincidence? Probably not.


  • 30 min or more of walking every work day
  • completed four of my six scheduled training workouts; some of them were DOOZIES!
  • total of 2.56 mi swimming, 40 mi biking, 5.11 mi running

Game Plan

  • 65 points out of 100, a D


  • Waist: 39.5″     Last: 40.5″     Highest: 42″
  • Hips: 46.5″     Last: 46.5″     Highest: 50″


  • Today: 222.4     Last Week: 221.8     Highest: 242

Dammit! There’s no way to say this without it sounding like excuses, but I really think I basically maintained my weight this week (+0.6 again), but I gave in to the stress and busy-ness of yesterday’s burlesque show and did some comfort-eating and some workout-skipping. This week is off to a better start, though: we ordered lunch from CPK in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, and I chose a roasted veggie salad. Go me!