Chugging Along

Nothing exciting to report.  Damn, but progress takes forever!

Weight Watchers is going well.  I love love love that most fruits and veggies are 0 points.  That might be what makes the difference for me this time, and allows me to be successful.  Because, for real, there is always a point at which I feel compelled – either by actual hunger or some feels – to have an eat attack.  And that usually derails me, because I’ve messed up, I’ve blown it – I’ve gone off my diet.  But when those moments strike… you know the ones:


I can just eat a pile of vegetables and everything is A-OK.

I’ve done my triathlon training workouts as prescribed five days in a row.  That feels pretty good.  I have a Groupon for a massage, and I promised myself that if I do all my workouts through Sunday, I’ll book it as a little reward.

That is the State of the Gina.  How are you doing?


HITS Napa Olympic: A Race Report in 25 Haiku

Oh, seriously?
Quality Inn Vacaville:
THE place to party


Not cute anymore
Get a life, high school students
Drink more quietly

9 minute snooze, please
It’s cruel and unusual
Waking at this hour

ALRIGHT already
I am up and brushing teeth
Whose idea was this?

No tattoos are found
In my participant pack
Aw – my favorite part!

Almost ready now
24-hour Subway
Race day breakfast noms

A sweet parking spot
Long lines at port-a-johns
Plenty of time, though

“Stool, bike to the right”
It’s not that complicated
Please stop repeating

Time to find Alex
In a sea of neoprene
Good luck on the sprint!

Eight trips to the car
Forget each thing separately
Hide keys in a bush

Found Coach Irondad!
Chihuahua is keeping warm
Inside his hoodie

Olympic females
Off and swimming in the lake
Balmy sixties temp

All this beige algae
It’s incredibly nasty
Try to avoid mouth

Yep, I’m still real slow
But that was a pleasant swim
And I’m not dead last!


Two minutes biking
Just enough to catch my breath
Before the hills begin

Sprint girl returning
Walking bike – are you ok?
She needs my air pump

My trusty Lezyne
Brings new life to sad back tire
And then we part ways

A beautiful day!
I can handle all these hills
It will just take time


By mile 17
Every new climb an insult
I’m so over it

So much gratitude
Being off my bicycle
I would rather run!

Well, I’d rather walk
Hills continue to plague me
Still: forward motion

Irondad again!
In full running gear, no less
He has crashed the course

I’ve made some new friends
Walk uphill and run back down
Lather, rinse, repeat

No more walking now
Jog the last few hundred yards
Finish line’s in sight


My cheering family
This Star Trek-looking medal
Who could ask for more?




TWE: Day 10

Day 10 – Tuesday, April 8

  • Weight: 222.6
  • Net Calories: 2408
  • Exercise: ugh! Was supposed to swim, didn’t get up early enough. Decided to switch Tuesday’s workout with Wednesday’s (a 90 min bike ride), but then got lazy, and didn’t even do that… but I still ate the extra calories I expected to burn. Whomp whomp. I did get my work-break walks in though, as well as some dancing for burlesque practice.

Triathlon in four days! It’s time to work on my race plan and packing lists. I think HITS Palm Springs will remain my Olympic distance PR – I’m carrying more weight, this course is hilly, and the water temperature is ridiculous – but that doesn’t mean I can’t kick ass!

TWE: Day 3

Day 3: Tuesday, April 1

  • Weight: 224.4
  • Net Calories: 1095
  • Exercise: 1800 yard swim, 8 minute run

What’s the point of an eight-minute run? Well, I had to calibrate my foot pod and sync my heart rate monitor with…




That’s right, Señor Garmin has been lovingly passed on to Alex as I upgraded to the Garmin 910XT. YOU GUYS IT DOES SWIMMING.

I’ve been wanting one for quite a while, squirreling away my gift certificates to Triathlon Lab (which is closing its Santa Monica store, so sad) and pining. This weekend the time seemed ripe, so I took the plunge. Big purchases freak me out; I get buyer’s remorse any time I spend more than $50, but no regrets so far. It’s pretty awesome!

“Ramekin of Mediocrity” is my New Band Name

I think I’m officially out of “standby” recipes – I’ve already shared everything good and healthy that I know how to cook on this blog. I’ll make every attempt to try new dishes and share good recipes on Mondays, but I’ve decided it’s better not to post anything than to give you a recipe that’s just okay. Case in point: last night I tried Cooking Light’s Biscuit-Topped Chicken Pot Pie.


Yep, they’re overcooked. And I checked them 3 minutes before the recipe said to!

These were pretty “meh.” Dry, low on flavor, not worth the effort. I would rather have a tiny portion of something truly delicious than a whole ramekin of medocrity. The recipe didn’t even seem like it could be improved with a few adjustments. I might try this one next; same idea but simpler and not wasting calories on a bland biscuit top.

In other news, now taking suggestions for triathlons this season! All I really have on the calendar is the Big Kahuna 70.3 in August. I’d very much like to do a few Olys before then. Where do you think I should race?

The Sting

Wow. There’s so much I want to write about — I’ve had some crazy awesome training over the past week, a bunch of it with Coach Irondad – but I have to write one thing at a time, and I have to start somewhere. So I’ll start with the first thing that comes to mind, and that is the sting of so often being the fattest and the slowest.


As you know, my life sort of imploded this year. From August through October, I was pretty much in survival mode. I ate whatever I wanted (and didn’t track it), I barely exercised, my sleep schedule was whack, and I certainly was not using my Game Plan. Result: I gained back more than 20 pounds and lost most of my fitness.


This makes me very sad.

But since then, things have improved. I’m settling into my new job and getting back on the wagon a little bit at a time. And I’ve been trying to take advantage of my LA Tri Club membership, because it’s easier and more fun to do long workouts with a group (and because open water swimming solo is not terribly safe).

But the truth is, I’m really not in good enough shape to keep up. I tried an ocean swim a couple of weeks ago and had to cut it short when I could no longer see the group (in fairness, I did tell them to go on without me because I didn’t want to keep holding them up). I did a group ride on PCH this past Saturday and I believe they waited for me for at least 15 minutes (maybe longer) at the turnaround point, because I rode so much more slowly than everyone else.


Now, I’ve never been fast, and I don’t really ever expect to be. Even at my best, I was at the back of the pack. But I have to say, it really stings to be working so hard and still coming up short. The feelings always come in stages:

1) Panic as I start to fall behind. (Oh man, I can’t go at the pace they’re going! What’s going to happen?)
2) Irrational blaming of others. (Alex is pushing the pace, with those crazy long legs of his! or They said this route was going to be flat!)
3) Self-loathing. (This always happens. I am the worst. I am a fat slob. Why do I kid myself and even try these things?)
4) Ridiculous determination. (Well, I am just going to run 5 miles, uphill, every day for a year until I’m amazing and this never happens to me again!)
5) Acceptance. (Ok, I’m just gonna swallow my pride, gut it out and finish this, and try again next time.)

Now I KNOW (in my head, if not in my heart) that the last bit is the most important. I know it’s about finishing and doing my best, and not about competing with anyone besides myself. I know that the athletes and friends with whom I train are kind and compassionate people who mean it when they say that it’s ok, and they’ll wait for me, and they hope I come out again.

That doesn’t really stop it from stinging. It’s no fun, being the fattest and the slowest. The only solution, though, is to keep working at it – both my fitness, and my feelings. And that’s one of the things I love about triathlon, constantly working at pushing out of my comfort zone and becoming someone I really like.

Happy With Thangs

I’ve had a really good week! Doing well on calories AND exercise, and figuring out when and how to squeeze my workouts in around my new job. It helps that I have a coworker who wants to swim a few days a week before work. Even today, though I tried to give her an out:


I hope I get to a point where I feel ready for my Weekend of Craziness (Spartan Sprint followed by an Olympic distance triathlon) December 7-8. Right now I feel… ok. Definitely better than when I was doing nothing, but I can feel the regained weight when I run, and I can tell I’m not a strong as I was. I’ll get there, though.

And now, I leave you with this random photo commemorating my first time buying Brussels sprouts on a stalk!